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Business Consulting

Business ConsultingIn order to succeed, a proper annual work plan is required; such a plan must be backed by facts and data. While working according to plan, the business can identify deviations from the plan and is able to either adjust the plan or set it in the chosen path. Monitoring the ongoing business enables management to maximize opportunities and minimize mistakes.

At the beginning of the consulting process a primary diagnosis takes place in order to analyze the gap between the current situation of the business and its business target. Together we shall create the right work plan in order to pave the most efficient route for the business.

The consulting process offers a variety of tools such as:

  • Business Plans including the business definition, strategy, branding, product and service identity, P&L, go to market plans, etc…..
  • Marketing Plans including marketing strategy, tactics, segmentation, branding, value proposition, marketing budget and marketing annual work plan
  • Sales Plans including segments, sales targets, resources, sales incentives and tools, etc.
  • Budget covering all costs, revenues and profit
  • Business Presentations for sales, marketing, product or investors
  • Business Simulations leveraging professional business materials Executive Summary to deliver concise information of the business opportunity to Prospects, Clients or investors
  • Ongoing business support together monitoring the business plans and making sure that the business is managed at the utmost level of efficiency