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Looking for a start up? You are invited to join Target start up ecosystem. Your gateway to the start up scene.

Target has a wide start up base in various fields such as internet, e commerce, DIY, medical devices, telecom, social networks, mobile and online advertising and more.

Target is very much involved in the Start Up Nation (The Israel Start Up Scene) and is connected with all the major Venture Capital firms, incubators and accelerators, academic institutions, independent “Meetup based” forums and events and is capable of suggesting from its existing “Start Up Pull” or locate the right start up company for you.     

Target will present to its investors only the best Start Up’s with the most promising odds for success, from cash businesses to “exit candidate game changers”

We are looking for smart money, i.e. we would prefer to match between a start up and an investor who has experience in the specific business of the start up with emphasize on the personal DNA of the start up founders and the investor.